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Car Traffic is a simulation game for Android that challenges you to drive your car while dodging the rest of the vehicles on the road. How long can you last during rush hour? Download the app and check it out!

Gameplay in Car Traffic is simple because you can drive the car with the intuitive controls that you see on the screen. You can either accelerate or brake using the controls or tilt your smartphone from one side to the other if you want the car to move towards the left or the right.

You should get familiar with those movements because your reaction time is essential in order to complete the challenges that you’ll face in Car Traffic. You basically have to adapt your driving to the rest of the vehicles that’ll follow different paths. If you crash against any of them you’ll lose and your adventure will come to an end.

Your success in Car Traffic is measured by the time you can last driving on the road. Put your seatbelt on and beat every single record!


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