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Learn how to drive cars safely in the driving game Car Driving School. Check it out and drive through various cities while carefully watching for traffic signs so you don’t get a warning from your instructor.

Car Driving School has easy-to-use driving controls that will be familiar to anyone who’s played a driving game before. Simply tap on the gas and brake pedals to speed up and slow down, and turn the wheel to steer.

In this game, you’ll have to drive carefully to avoid breaking any traffic laws. For example, you’ll have to use your turn signals before turning left or right, as well as use your safety belt in each level. When necessary, you’ll also have to park in the indicated area or go to the gas station to refuel your vehicle.

Car Driving School has dozens of levels and you’ll learn more about driving in each one. With levels that become gradually more difficult and a camera perspective that you can change at any time, it’s easy to learn to drive skillfully in Car Driving School.


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