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Candy Sweet Legend is a logic game in which your mission is to match candies of the same color to create combinations and clear the board. This adventure has all kinds of missions to complete, so you’ll have to find all the possible combinations to match the right pieces. If you like puzzle games, download Candy Sweet Legend, put your puzzle-solving skills to the test, and keep matching pieces until you beat each level.

Candy Sweet Legend has simple gameplay that makes it great for players of all ages: just swipe your finger across a piece to move it and swap it with an adjacent piece. That being said, if that doesn’t create a combination, the piece will go back to its original position. Keep in mind that you can only swap pieces vertically or horizontally, not diagonally.

Each one of Candy Sweet Legend’s levels has a unique goal. Just to give a couple of examples, you might have to collect pieces of the same color or create special pieces. As you play, you can watch your progress from the bar on the top of that screen, and make sure to complete all the level’s goals before you run out of moves. If there are no possible combinations on the board, all the pieces will be randomly shuffled.

This addictive game will keep you hooked with matches that get more and more difficult as you play, with more complex goals that will make you rack your brain to complete them. Check out Candy Sweet Legend, think carefully before making a move and get the highest score you can in this colorful, entertaining, and delicious adventure!


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