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Candy Charming is a match 3 game that gives you the chance to discover a world full of color and magic by combining all sorts of candies. If you like puzzles and fun challenges, this game will take you through an endless number of increasingly difficult levels where you’ll find tons of obstacles that’ll keep your brain working for hours.

The gameplay in Candy Charming is exactly the same as in any traditional match 3; you just have to slide the pieces from one side to the other to combine them and eliminate them from the board. You won’t be able to move figures more than one position at a time nor move them diagonally. To make the combinations you’ll have to match up at least three pieces of the same color at a time and you’ll create boosters if you manage to join more than five pieces at the same time.

Candy Charming brings you hundreds of different levels where you’ll face specific challenges. At the top of the screen you’ll be able to see the objective you have to complete, which can be as extensive and varied as the combinations offered by the game. You’ll have to get all the required colored pieces, discover hidden objects, transform figures, rescue hidden candies and an endless number of fun adventures that will put you to the test in increasingly difficult levels.

To complete any of the levels not only will you have to achieve the overall goal, but you’ll also have to do it before you run out of moves and reach at least one of the three stars in each stage. Think about your moves before sliding any piece and enjoy tons of levels full of action and candy.


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