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Camera Connect is a tool you can use to configure your Canon camera to transfer photos to your smartphone. In order for this to work, you must have a reflex or compact camera that has a WiFi or Bluetooth connection that lets you connect wirelessly.

The interface in Camera Connect is divided into sections, and you will find all the available functions in the main menu. For example, when using this tool you can access your camera’s photo folder to select which photos you would like to transfer to your smartphone. As such, you can get your photos in a matter of seconds to be able to edit them or share them with your friends, family, or others.

Another function of Camera Connect is that you can convert your Android into a remote shutter release tool, meaning that you can take any snapshot without needing to press the shutter button on your camera. You even have the possibility to configure certain camera menu settings.

By using Camera Connect you will find it very easy to connect your smartphone to your Canon device. By connecting both devices to the same network you only need to follow a few simple steps to transfer your files, without needing a PC.


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