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Callbreak Multiplayer is an incredibly addictive card game that sits you at a table with three rivals. In this game, your goal is to win more hands than the other players at the table. To do this, you’ll need to play your cards right in every situation. Spades rule; but will you know how to play the rest of your cards?

Although the gameplay in Callbreak Multiplayer may seem simple, figuring out a good strategy is much more difficult. At the beginning of each round, one player will put a card down on the table and the user who puts the highest number in that same suit wins the round. The exception is the suit of spades, which will beat any other suit, even if it’s a lower number.

In order to really perfect your strategy, you’ll need to calculate which cards have already been used in order to play the best hands possible. If you’re unsure whether you’ll win the round or not with what you have, you may want to play it safe and throw out a low-numbered card that wouldn’t do you any good. It’s important to think about your moves while the other players put down their cards and get the highest score possible at the end of the round.

Once all of the cards have been played, it’ll be time to count up everyone’s points. All the high cards will count in the final score, so you’ll have to keep this in mind when it comes to winning the rounds. Don’t throw away your best cards to win only a few points, and save them to make killer plays that will earn you the final victory.


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