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Call Control – Call Blocker is a tool that allows us to block incoming calls from the phone numbers we identify, allowing us to configure exactly what it is that the person who is trying to reach our phone will receive as a response.

Among the options available when receiving a call from an unwanted phone number is having our phone ‘answer and hang up’ without even bothering to let us know. This way, the person trying to contact us will quickly get the message.

Another possibility includes having the voicemail come up automatically: very useful for when we simply do not want to be bothered. Plus, we can block only private or unknown numbers, thus allowing us to easily filter who can reach us and who can’t.

Of course, apart from having a ‘blacklist’ we can also create a ‘whitelist’ of numbers that should always be able to reach us. This way we can, for example, never miss a single call from a family member or loved one.

All of these lists can be saved in the cloud, in case we ever lose the app, that way avoiding having to start all over again.

Call Control – Call Blocker is a very interesting tool for users who receive many calls and want to take a break without missing the really important calls.


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