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Calculator Vault is an ingenious app that lets you hide private photos, videos, and other apps within an app that looks like a calculator.

Using this app is very simple. When you tap on Calculator Vault, you’ll see what appears to be nothing more than a calculator. When you open the app for the first time, you enter a PIN that becomes the secret key to opening the vault.

Every time you enter the secret code, Calculator Vault opens the app’s hidden vault. To import the apps and other content you want to hide, just tap the symbol located at the bottom of the screen (it’s a +). You can select from anything already stored on your smartphone.

Last but not least, you can delete the apps from your smartphone because once they’ve been added to Calculator Vault, you can access them whenever you want regardless.

Calculator Vault is a great way to protect your privacy by hiding apps and other files behind a basic calculator app.


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