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Butt Workout Trainer is a great app for anyone who’d like to develop the full potential of their glutes, but don’t have the money or motivation to go to the gym. With Butt Workout Trainer, you can put your own gym together at home, and follow an exercise routine that’s made for you.

The way Butt Workout Trainer works is simple and intuitive. When you start the app, you have to enter your weight and height. After that, you can select the intensity level you prefer, depending on the shape you’re currently in. It’s recommended to start slow and increase the intensity as you get into better shape.

Once you’ve got the app all set up, you can start with your exercise plan. You get a daily exercise plan that will gradually get completed as you do it. These exercises offer plenty of variety and come with a video so you can see exactly how they’re done, along with a timer so you know who long you have left until you’re finished. You can add daily alarms to remind you to work out each day. Plus, Butt Workout Trainer offers users some exercise routines for starting out the day, and others to complete before going to bed.

Butt Workout Trainer is an app that’ll give your buns an excellent and complete workout. And to top it all off, it’s visually pleasing as well.

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