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Burger Cats is a fun casual video game where players run a burger joint, but not just any burger joint, but one that’s specialized in welcoming the most demanding customer of all: the cat.

The gameplay in Burger Cats is the following: during the game, you’ll move around different cat islands while, at the same time, improving your burger ingredients to always offer the best food to your feline friends. Your customers will appear behind a counter and will tell you which ingredients they want in their burger and in what order they want them.

The ingredients you’re looking for will appear on the conveyor belt behind you; meat, tomato slices, lettuce, and an ever-growing variety of other ingredients. Your job is to take each ingredient and place it on the burger bun in front of your customer. When the burger is ready, your customer will leave with a full stomach and a big smile. There are alsoespecially tasty ingredients that will get these cute cats to give you some extra love. With the money you earn during the day, you can improve your ingredients and level up to get a larger variety of products.

Burger Cats has an original premise and easy mechanics that are pretty addictive. It’s the purrfect game to enjoy as you serve the most gourmet cats.


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