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Burbuja Tirador is a super fun version of the classic bubble shooter that challenges you to complete missions by shooting colorful bubbles to reach all the objectives. Show off your skills and aim by destroying all the blocks in this entertaining adventure.

Just like any other bubble shooter, in Burbuja Tirador, you have to slide your finger across the screen to trace the trajectory that you want the bubble to follow. You’ll see a line that appears from the base of the screen all the way to the final destination of the bubble (to make your life a little easier), but you still have to be careful because your bubble has to go through narrow ways or bounce off the walls. This simple guide might make your task a bit easier and help you reach your objectives.

Each level in Burbuja Tirador challenges you to complete a certain objective before you can go on to the next one, most of them will require you to score a certain number of points before you run out of moves. Either way, your objective is always located on the upper side of the screen.

On the other hand, one of the most entertaining parts of this version is that you’ll find two-colored bubbles that you can to use to earn more points. Get the most out of them and see how far you can go with Burbuja Tirador.

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