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Builder Game is a construction game for girls and boys where the little ones at home will have a blast learning basic construction concepts. Specifically, you’ll have lots of materials to cut wood, and other elements to lift buildings and houses with.

Builder Game’s visual display was made so that your children or their friends can enjoy observing all of the interface’s elements. From the game’s main menu, you’ll discover a whole room where many characters will start to carry out their construction tasks. Your mission will be none other than to help them to finish every process to keep leveling up.

Controlling all of the tools is really easy, and all of the minigames are based on hitting the Android device’s screen to drag elements. The music is without a doubt another part of this game that makes it enjoyable for children.

Builder Game lets girls and boys use different tools and materials to build tons of impressive elements. From cranes to saws, everything will be in their hands during every level to ensure fun and learning.

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