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Buddy Toss is an arcade game where you play as a bodybuilder who tosses his friend into the air, trying to get him as high as possible. But if you aren’t careful, your friend will smash into the ground on his way back down.

Gameplay in Buddy Toss is very simple: tap on the screen to make the bodybuilder raise his arms and throw his friend into the air. If you do it right, your friend will go far, and if not, he’ll just go up in the air for a short while. If you do it too late or too early, the game will be over.

As you play, throwing your friend higher and higher and getting more points, you can unlock new content like more bodybuilders. You can also level up. The higher the bodybuilder’s level, for example, the higher you can throw your friend.

Buddy Toss is an arcade game with a somewhat strange premise, super simple gameplay, and really fun execution. It’s the perfect game for playing a few quick rounds, but if you’re not careful, the time will fly by.



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