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Bubble Chef is a fun skill game that combines cooking with classic Bubble Shooter gameplay. In this adventure you eliminate all the bubbles on the screen while discovering and improving recipes of all kinds.

This game has the same mechanics as any bubble shooter: click on the screen and slide your finger to aim, follow the line of shot to know where your ball will go and lift your finger to throw it wherever you want it to go. In Bubble Chef you have to solve levels with several different colors, which are distributed on the screen in a strategic way that’s intentionally confusing and aimed at getting you in trouble. With each level you overcome, the distribution of the balls on the screen becomes increasingly complicated, so you will have to be able to aim accurately to reach those impossible corners.

As you earn points in this adventure you prepare delicious recipes that need a special ability to be completed. Mario, your head chef will discover new dishes depending on each level, and whipping up the ten most famous dishes for each country in which you play your balls. Bubble Chef has a ranking of chefs in which you must climb positions sharpening the aim and cooking the most delicious dishes. Put yourself to the test in this fun adventure and enjoy cooking and bubble shooting in one single app!

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