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Bubble Bird Rescue is a puzzle game that combines elements from other games like Pet Rescue Saga, Puzzle Bobble, and even Peggle Deluxe to offer a fun, direct gaming experience for Android.

The gameplay in Bubble Bird Rescue is simple: you have to free the birds trapped in the colored balls, using the ball launcher in the lower part of the screen. Your objective is to hit as many balls as you can with each shot; the more balls that fall into the barrels at the bottom of the screen, the more points you get.

Bubble Bird Rescue has fifty different levels where you can try to earn three stars. To get all three stars, you need to be nearly perfect and not make even one mistake. This can be tricky given how the balls are laid out at times.

Bubble Bird Rescue has a simple gameplay that combines the best aspects of other fun games, and it also has nice graphics. This combination makes for a good, simple game, that’s ideal for everyone.


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