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Bubble Bird 2 promises a fun gaming experience exploding colored bubbles. Although it is a bubble shooter, in this game there are tiny birds trapped inside some of the bubbles that you need to free.

The Bubble Bird 2 graphics are very pleasing, and the classic control mechanism is already well-known. The game starts with a screen full of colorful balls, and a cannon underneath them that you’ll use to shoot. It’s important to remember that there will be two bubbles in the launcher: one that is ready to launch, and another usually of a different color. You can change the bubbles’ positions to shoot the one you want, depending on the right moment. To do this, you just need to tap on the icon in-between the colored balls.

On the other hand, it isn’t hard to master Bubble Bird 2 and get huge bonuses, thanks to the features it offers. It is so simple that just before you shoot, if you hold your finger down on the screen, a line will appear showing the direction you will send the bubble in. Your mission is to clear the board as much as possible while saving the little creatures that are hidden in several colored balls, and to achieve this you can group together more than three bubbles of the same color.

Bubble Bird 2 is a fun bubble shooting game whose classic goal of popping bubbles of the same color comes with a twist: you also need to free the tiny birds trapped inside them.


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