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Bricks Breaker Quest is a fun arcade game that’s based on the popular Arkanoid – though with a slightly different gameplay.

The idea behind Bricks Breaker Quest is simple: you have to try to get rid of all the bricks in each level by making the balls bounce against them as many times as the number on each one indicates. Unlike Arkanoid, in Bricks Breaker Quest, you can’t save these balls by making them bounce off of your platform. Once you’ve chosen the angle of your shot, they’ll all shoot off in that direction.

Bricks Breaker Quest has three fun game modes. In the story mode, you have to beat up to three thousand levels, each one more difficult than the last, with a very limited number of shots. In the 100 Balls mode, you have to get the highest score possible in just a single shot. In this mode, some of the blocks have powerups that will help you get rid of less accessible bricks. In the online mode, you’ll play online against players from around the world as you take turns trying to get the highest score.

The graphics in Bricks Breaker Quest, despite their minimalist appearance, are surprisingly attractive and the repetitive movement of the action will relax even the most nervous players. However, older devices may have a hard time and suffer some slow-down.


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