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Brick Classic Falling Blocks is an application that you can use to enjoy the fun of Tetris on your smartphone. If you like this type of game and you want to play it whenever and wherever you want, then this is the ideal application for you.

Playing Brick Classic Falling Blocks is very simple since the gameplay isn’t really that complicated. All you have to do is place the shapes that fall from the sky, trying to fill up rows so the blocks disappear. To do so, there are controls on the screen that you can use to move and rotate the shapes. Once you fill a row, it will disappear and you’ll get points, plus more free space to place more shapes and eliminate more rows. So that part is easy. The hard part comes once you start playing and you have to deal with the randomness of the figures, the increasing speed at which they fall, and the general chaos that will fill up your screen. You’ll have to stay focused and follow your strategy to get as many points as possible.

In Brick Classic Falling Blocks, you’ll be in an on-going competition with yourself. The more games you play, the better you’ll understand the game and the more points you’ll be able to get. That’s how this game reels you in. And you won’t only be in a competition with yourself; in this game, you can also compete on a global level, either by rows eliminated or points. If you want to see yourself at the top of the rankings, then you’ll have to play a lot and become better than everyone else!

Brick Classic Falling Blocks is, in fact, a very addictive and fun game that is sure to entertain you for hours and hours. Try it and master this classic game that never goes out of style!


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