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Braveland Heroes is a turn-based strategy that’s similar to Heroes of Might and Magic, especially it’s combat system. Check it out, lead an army and explore a vast fantasy world in search of enemies and adventure.

The combat system in Braveland Heroes is almost identical to that of the HoMM saga. During the turn-based battles, you’ll move your army across a map overlaid with a grid as you try to wipe out all the enemies. The strength of each army is determined by the number of individual soldiers it has. For example, although basic archers are weak by themselves, you can group twenty together to create a force to be reckoned with.

In between battles, players can personalize their army and choose from various units depending on the battle. While your best bet at victory in some battles might be to deploy many long-range units, others might need nothing but soldiers skilled in hand-to-hand. Learning to use the various kinds of troops skillfully is the key to winning battles.

Braveland Heroes is a great turn-based strategy game, that will especially appeal to Heroes of Might and Magic fans, as both games have similar combat systems. On top of all that, this game has great graphics, with beautiful hand-drawn scenes.


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