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If you’re a fan of puzzle games and are looking for something new, try Brain Test. This fun logic game has loads of enigmas that encourage you to think outside the box. Check it out, solve dozens of puzzles, and prove you have the skills to figure out each mystery.

The first few levels of Brain Test show you how to play the game, but the more levels you beat the more carefully you have to think about your moves. One advantage of this game is that each puzzle is completely different from the last one, so each enigma is a new adventure.

Deceptive puzzles are a hallmark feature of Brain Test. In each level, nothing is what it seems, and you have to look very carefully to find the hidden solution. While the solutions are sometimes more complex than they appear, you can always get a hint to make it easier or even solve the level for you.

Brain Test is a fun game for the entire family. Check it out with your kids and help them think creatively and solve all kinds of problems. Play each one, test your brain with entertaining puzzles, follow the game’s fun storyline, and see how far you can go in this wild adventure full of mystery, deception, and mind-bending logic.


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