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Bounce and collect is an arcade game in which your mission is to strategically drop balls to multiply them and create as many as possible. Check it out, reach the goal number of balls, and take on ever more challenging levels.

The levels of Bounce and collect have simple gameplay. Simply swipe your finger horizontally across your Android device to move the cup at the top of the screen. Although you’ll begin the first level by dropping three balls, you’ll have to multiply them until you have fifty to beat the level.

Although Bounce and collect is an entertaining game, having a good strategy is very important. Each level has a series of mazes, and in the paths of the mazes are numbers. As the balls fall through the different paths of each maze, they will be multiplied by the number in them. Drop the balls strategically to create the right number of balls to beat each level.

Bounce and collect is an intriguing game that players of all ages can enjoy anytime and anywhere. Get ready to drop balls until you reach the right number.


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