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Bossy Toss is a casual game where you throw punches at the characters that appear on each level. So it’s your job to determine the best way to punch so you can knock out each and every one of these furious bosses.

In Bossy Toss, you enter various 3D rooms. Thanks to the amazing graphics, it’s easy to identify each of the characters and start throwing punches to reduce their health. On the other hand, each of the levels also has different missions that you can try to beat to get as many points as possible.

As you advance through the various levels, you encounter more and more powerful bosses. So you’ll have to throw punches faster if you want to advance through all the locations.

In Bossy Toss, you encounter tons of characters that you have to punch over and over until they fall to the ground. Tap on the screen and try to punch fast enough to beat all the challenges and make it to the next level.

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