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BOOYAH! is a full-featured streaming platform built precisely to broadcast games right from your smartphone. Offering users all the necessary tools to both broadcast and enjoy the very best in content created by a slew of their favorite streamers; this platform was designed with mobile gaming at heart.

In fact, the platform backing BOOYAH! debuted to offer the maximum possible number of convenient features to address the specific needs of both mobile content creators and their audience. Just like in Twitch, BOOYAH! offers you the chance to create short clips to display your top moments from any livestream you publish on BOOHYAH! These clips can only be selected by the streamers themselves or requested by their viewers — adding a certain dose of pizzazz that other channels tend to lack, given that it prevents any quality content from falling through the cracks, lost forever — bringing the best in show to the forefront.

One of the most unique features in BOOYAH! is the seamlessly perfect optimization of all of its functions when it comes down to broadcasting live content. The shockingly low resource consumption in terms of your system and the uber-efficient use of user browsing data makes for long, fluid games without causing any collateral lag or slowdowns during gameplay.

Thanks to a feed formatted so that feels a lot like Twitter, BOOYAH! is the perfect highlight reel of your best streams. Actually, this function adds a nice touch in that it aids in publicizing smaller channels that would otherwise require a huge amount of digging to reach.


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