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Surf the web -without annoying ads- with the ad blocker Blokada Classic. Thanks to this app’s clear interface, it just takes a couple of seconds to set it up and start blocking ads in your web browser and apps.

As well as blocking internet ads, Blokada Classic can also block ads within apps, which clearly puts it at an advantage over the competition. This app also works while connected to WiFi or a mobile data network.

Not only that, but because it’s an open-source app, you can securely adjust many of Blokada Classic’s settings. And of course, the fact that it’s open-source also means that the app will always be free to use. Simply open the options menu to adjust the app’s ad blocking settings, and tap on the button on the app’s home screen to activate or disable its features.

Blokada Classic makes it easy to block ads and malware, and protect your privacy by blocking web tracking. On top of all that, this app lets you choose which apps or websites to block ads on, and even has a VPN that users can use to connect to the internet without regional restrictions.

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