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Block Jigsaw Puzzle is a fun puzzle game, similar to the famous Tetris, where you can spend hours and hours of fun playing. As usual, your goal is to arrange the unsymmetrical pieces by forming rows and columns to make them disappear and get the score needed to go to the next level.

The gameplay in Block Jigsaw Puzzle is very simple. Once the game starts, you will see an empty board on the screen, and underneath are all the irregularly shaped pieces that you will have to drag to the squares you want. However, don’t forget that your goal is to combine rows and columns. When you do so, they will be cleared, which will reward you with a higher score.

As usual, the difficulty in Block Jigsaw Puzzle will increase as you progress. However, the game mode will remain the same: dragging the pieces that appear at the bottom of the screen to the squares you want. But, whenever you run out of space to fit the new pieces that appear, it will mean the end of the game, and you will have to start the same level again.

Block Jigsaw Puzzle is a fun game that offers an alternative to Tetris that is perfectly adapted to smartphone screens.


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