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Block! Hexa is a game of skill where you solve a series of logic-based puzzles. If you love puzzles and want to put yourself to the test, this fun game has hundreds of levels from which only the best and the brightest emerge.

These puzzles are presented on white panels divided into hexagons. All the hexagons have to be filled with the loose pieces at the bottom of the screen. While there are tons of possible combinations, the only way to solve the puzzle is to use all the pieces to fill in the entire panel, no matter what it takes.

Block! Hexa is divided into levels. If you haven’t played before, you can start at the beginning to learn how the game works on easier levels. As you advance, however, each level will be more difficult than the last, so you’ll have to keep trying various possibilities until you find the final solution.

Enjoy hundreds of puzzles without any limits, challenging yourself while having fun. Try to solve all the puzzles in Block! Hexa and make it to the end like the genius you are!


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