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Bistro Heroes is a role-playing and strategy game that combines managing a restaurant with exciting battles between all kinds of monsters. This game has carefully crafted graphics with amazing artistic direction.

You begin the game with a pretty plain restaurant, but as you collect materials, you can improve it until it becomes the restaurant of your dreams. To get these resources, you have to visit various areas where you enter exciting battles with your group of heroines, each one belonging to a different class: sorceress, warrior, droid, etc.

Battle gameplay in Bistro Heroes is pretty simple, perfect for players of all ages: your characters automatically attack the nearest enemy, but you can move them around the scenario, choosing the best position for each one based on their skills. The monsters appear in groups at random, so they’re bound to take you by surprise. Luckily, each heroine has a special ability to help you win battles.

Not only can you use the materials you collect to improve your restaurant, but you can also use them to cook up delicious dishes. Each area in the game has certain elements you can gather in order to cook all kinds of food. If you cook well, your restaurant’s reputation will improve, encouraging more and more people to visit.

Bistro Heroes is a spectacular role-playing game with a fairy tale-like atmosphere. It’s a game full of characters to collect, gigantic bosses to fight, and countless adventures to enjoy. If you like the art style in A Girl Adrift, another game by the same creators, then you should definitely check out this game.



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