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Bird Friends is a casual game where you have to put together lots of colorful pieces in a way that’s not far off from Candy Crush. The goal here is to help this bird’s friends beat each of the levels. Although gameplay doesn’t present too many new elements, it still has everything that you need to thoroughly enjoy yourself while you play each level.

This match-3 game’s graphics are so colorful that players of all ages will no doubt enjoy its gameplay. There aren’t any secrets when it comes to the controls; you just have to move the matching pieces to remove them from the board.

However, in Bird Friends, you’ll have to match up at least three elements if you want to eliminate them. Even so, the more pieces that you’re able to get rid of in a single move, the more points you’ll earn at the end of every level. In the end, your main mission is to complete the puzzles as quickly as possible to make the animals happy by helping them to make progress on their route.

Bird Friends is a casual game with gameplay that you might already be familiar with, but that you’ll still have lots of fun playing. The simplicity of its interface and controls let you enjoy exciting games anytime, anywhere.


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