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Bike Stunt Tricks Master is a game that gives you the chance to do tricks on your bike in 3D. Your mission is to make it across the finish line in each one of the tracks that make up each level of the game. However, even though the tracks are full of ramps, tunnels, and jumps, it really shouldn’t be too difficult to complete your mission.

The controls in Shadow Bike Stunt Tricks Master are typical for the genre. On the left side of the screen, you have the jump button and the ones to lean forward and backward. Meanwhile, on the right side of the screen, you have the accelerator and the brake. On every track, you’ll need to race against the clock. The goal is to complete the circuit before the time runs out.

As you complete tracks and earn stars, you can also unlock new bikes or add improvements to the ones you already have. When the game starts, you’ll only have one bike, but you can eventually unlock tons more, along with all the maps and tracks.

Bike Stunt Tricks Master is an entertaining game where you get to pull off all sorts of tricks on a bike. The graphics are nice, but to be honest, the controls aren’t very complex. As a result, the game can feel a bit monotonous and even a little bit boring.


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