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Bike Stunt 3: Stunt Legends is a driving game where you will get to drive trail motorbikes and overcome ramps. In this third part of the saga, your goal will be to complete each level without the pilot falling from the motorbike.

One of the key aspects of Bike Stunt 3: Stunt Legends’s gameplay is its great movements physics. Thanks to the 3D graphics you will be able to see every item in the scene and drive at full speed through the different ramps to make the most of the speed you acquire.

To control your motorbike, the app offers a series of intuitive buttons that can be found throughout the interface. On the left, you can manage the vehicle’s tilt to safely face each ramp. On the right, you’ve buttons for either accelerating or braking. Here you will be able to control the right speed needed to level up without too many complications.

If you manage to complete certain spins, you will also gain extra points that will allow you to unlock new bikes. In the main menu, you’ll find a shortcut to the garage, where you can alter your vehicles and adjust any pieces to get the most out of them.


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