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Big Battle 3D is a casual game where you need to create a good army of stickmen and try and get close to as many castles as you can. The 3D graphics won’t give you any trouble identifying all the elements and getting closer to each enemy tower.

The gameplay in Big Battle 3D is pretty simple and this lets you very easily observe every element. From the bottom of the screen, it is very easy to identify the three characteristics that you can upgrade to present more of a danger when approaching the enemy strongholds. Like this, all you have to do is use part of your budget to make each line of your army stronger.

Among other things in Big Battle 3D, you can change the distribution of your soldiers, upgrade their weapons and increase the number of fighters to easily strengthen your offensive and defensive characteristics.

Big Battle 3D will keep you entertained, thanks to its addictive gameplay where you have to strengthen your army to storm each enemy tower. Depending on the strategy you follow, you will demonstrate your ability to win each battle with speed and emotion.


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