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BGram is a non-official alternative based on Telegram’s API. It will, however, use a navigation experience almost as quick and smooth as the original service.

At a glance, BGram’s interface will surely appeal to you, thanks to the set of high-quality images and items that appear next to the initial marks. Moreover, its minimalist style promises the user a fully intuitive experience. As per usual, the first steps to start using the tool will entail entering your country and your phone number.

Then, you’ll need to enter the corresponding code and, finally, BGram will show you the main screen. After setting it up, you’ll be able to start using the app in the very same way as Telegram. You’ll be able to secure your direct messages and chats, change the interface’s font, forward and edit texts, add captions, create links, save files to the cloud, share pics and videos without worrying about their size or losing quality, mention anyone by their contact name, look for replies to previous messages within a group, export lists containing links, and much more.

BGram is a nice alternative to the well-known and gigantic messaging platform that is Telegram. You won’t be disappointed!


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