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Do you know the Beyblade Burst series? Well, now you can also enjoy a game that’s based on it and its protagonist, Valt Aoi.

Valt Aoi is a student who dreams of becoming the best blader in the world. With this app, you can learn about his adventures with his friends and fight in the thousands of battles that await.

In the beginning, you’ll fight against your classmates, some of which are your friends. But during battle, there’s no such thing. Do what it takes to show off your skill and prove that you’re the best there is.

In each tournament, you choose different beys, merging them to create superior versions, then selecting the best one for killing your opponent. As you win tournaments, you can earn more skills and better beys, plus fight against more powerful opponents.

Are you ready to become the best blader in the world? Put your skills to the test as you have fun in this game based on the legendary Beyblade Burst Rivals series.


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