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If you’re a fan of the Beyblade Burst series, try the official app BEYBLADE BURST, and compete in your very own battles. In this game, you’ll embark on an action-packed adventure and challenge hundreds of opponents from all other the planet! Choose your favorite Beyblade, and unleash its full potential in this game’s exciting battles.

Start a new adventure with this app and you’ll first need to create a profile and choose some defining features to make you stand out among all the Beybladers. After that, get your first Beyblade and compete in your first game and tournament, which will teach you the basics of controlling your Beyblade. Make sure to plan your attacks carefully, as the tops won’t spin forever, and your opponents will try to slow you down and sap your energy. So tap at just the right moment to get the most out of every attack!

Each Beyblade has a special attack and unique features, and you’ll have to take all those factors into account on the battlefield. From the top of the screen you can view how much energy you and your opponent have left… so try to defeat your opponent before they defeat you!

And, and you get more powerful Beyblades and challenge more difficult opponents, the battles in BEYBLADE BURST get even more thrilling! You can even advance through different leagues as you win battles. Try BEYBLADE BURST, and challenge your friends, create your own leagues, and become a Beyblade master!


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