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Beta Maniac is a practical tool to quickly and easily organize and subscribe to the beta programs of the apps on your Android.

The Beta Maniac interface is very intuitive. You need to link your Google account to access it and send the beta program requests. Once signed in, you can see the installed apps on your device. So, you just have to go to the dropdown menu in the bottom right corner to filter the ones that have beta programs. If you want to test any of them, you just need to tap on the app in question and indicate your reason for wanting to join the beta program.

To access beta programs, you usually have to send a request through a webpage or sign up where necessary. You won’t need to do this with Beta Maniac, as it lets you find the apps with open programs and test them. If you are a member of beta programs, Beta Maniac won’t show you the app to avoid duplicates. Another great benefit of this app is that it will notify you as soon as a new beta program opens up, preventing the usual annoying task of manually checking.

Beta Maniac is a great tool for subscribing to beta programs in a matter of seconds.


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