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Best Friends Stars is the sequel to the original Best Friends, and in this game you’ll once again help a team of friendly bugs fight off evil slugs. Just like the original game, you’ll fend off slugs by matching colorful tiles until you’ve completed each level’s goal.

Best Friends Stars has gameplay that’s typical of any match 3: the goal is to create groups of three or more tiles of the same color, and the more tiles you’re able to match in the same move, the more you’ll damage the slugs! Not only that, but matching large groups of tiles also creates powerups, that can eliminate entire rows and columns of tiles.

As you progress through the game’s storyline, you can also unlock new characters to join your team of bugs. Although you’ll start the game with just bug, you can add more as you play until you have an entire team! On top of that, each bug has its own special ability that you can use during levels.

Best Friends Stars is a casual puzzle game that offers simple but super fun gameplay. Put your puzzle solving skills to the test -and save the bugs from the evil slugs- in this game’s more than a hundred levels.



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