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Battlefleet Gothic Leviathan is the official game for Battlefleet Gothic, the mini-spaceship battle game set in the Warhammer 40K universe. And this adaptation is very faithful to the original – so faithful that you’ll even throw six-sided dice to determine whether your actions are a success or a failure.

This free version of Battlefleet Gothic Leviathan offers just a smidgen of the full game, available for purchase on Google Play. Luckily, though, there’s still enough content here to find out what the complete title has in store for you. Plus there’s a tutorial that makes getting the hang of the controls quick work.

The gameplay in Battlefleet Gothic Leviathan might confuse you at the start, but once you’ve dedicated a few minutes to playing you’ll realize that it’s actually quite simple. Basically you’ve got to move your spaceships in turns while trying to obliterate all enemies.

Battlefleet Gothic Leviathan is a turn-based strategy game with terrific graphics and a thrilling setting. In fact, the game plays out during the Shield of Baal campaign.

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