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Battle Bay is a multiplayer action game that challenges two 5 vs 5 teams to face each other during incredibly entertaining ship battles. This colorful online game was developed by Rovio, the same developers who brought you the infamous Angry Birds.

Learning how to play this game is really pretty easy: you get to navigate the open waters using your virtual control stick located on the left side of the screen and you can attack your enemy’s ships, just as if you were playing a shooter. Luckily, you’ll have a ton of different weapons available to you and you can even modify them to make them even more dangerous to your enemies.

Keep in mind that choosing the right ship is actually pretty important because every one of them includes different features. Any team that appreciates victory must have the right balance of ships so it’s better to team up between friends to destroy your enemies.

Battle Bay is a super entertaining and colorful online video game where teamwork is absolutely essential if you want to get rid of your enemies’ ships. The game presents different playability than Angry Birds, but it is just as fun.


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