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Basketrio is a basketball game in which your player moves to a suburban neighborhood to join awesome underground basketball matches. To do this, you need to unlock different characters to demonstrate your ball skills as you shoot hoops.

Basketrio has surprisingly great visuals that are sure to get you immersed in the game. Each player that you control has certain special skills and physical characteristics, so you can try out their different skills until you find the player that brings the most skill to your team.

The matches in Basketrio take place online, meaning that the system pairs you up with other players from around the world until it creates the perfect lineup. To control your player, simply press the joystick to move and the action buttons to shoot, block throws, or stop your opponents’ moves. Plus, at any moment you can do incredible combinations with your teammates to make your opponents dizzy on the court.

At the top of the screen, there is a scoreboard and a timer, so you can always see the game’s information in real-time while you play. From the main menu, you can access other game modes and training sessions that let you hone your skills.

The visuals in Basketrio are outstanding and the gameplay is very entertaining. Master the controls to beat your opponents, shoot as many hoops as you can, and dribble so well you’ll hope it was caught on camera.

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