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Basketball Stars is a basketball game where you can try your hand in shooting, or in one-to-one games in which you’ll have to trick your opponent by shuffling from side to side to get past them, shoot and score!

During simple competitions, all you’ll have to do is swipe your finger over your screen to shoot at the basket. Try to score as much as you can in a limited amount of time. For one to one games, you’ll have to fake left and right tricking your rival into thinking you are going one way, but then shuffle the other way to find the right opportunity to shoot at the basket. On the other hand, when you are the one who is defending, you’ll have to try to steal the ball and keep your opponent from shooting.

When you’re playing and winning competitions, you’ll raise from one level to the next gaining new improvements for your character. In fact, you’ll be able to personalize how your basketball player looks, changing their hairstyle, skin color, jersey type, as well as tons of other accessories anyway you want.

Basketball Stars is a super fun basketball game, with a refined controller system and a wide variety of styles within the game. The visuals are also very good.



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