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BAND is an app that lets you create and join groups online. It’s an app that’s geared primarily toward clubs, school groups, neighborhood communities, fan groups, support groups, teams, organizations, and even families. Each group can hold up to 1,000 members.

The goal of BAND is to bring together people with similar interests. To do that, the app lets you create as many groups as you want and invite all your friends to join them. These groups can revolve around all sorts of topics, both personal or general interests.

In addition to creating groups for your friends and acquaintances, with BAND, you can also join general groups created by other users. For example, you can join a group interested in a specific TV show or videogame, where you’re sure to meet people to talk to about your passions.

BAND is an excellent social app that lets you stay in contact and get to know new people with the same interests as you. Or simply stay in touch with your existing friends and acquaintances.


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