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Ball Sort Color Water Puzzle is a very addictive game of logic where you will have to put your brain to the test in increasingly complicated games. If you like puzzles and you’re looking for something fun and entertaining, this puzzle will have you hooked for hours moving balls from one test tube to another to find the solution for each level.

The gameplay is very easy. To go onto the next level, you need to fill the test tubes with just one color, meaning that all the balls have to be in the correct tube according to their color. Though this might seem a little simple, Ball Sort Color Water Puzzle makes it even harder; to move the balls from one place to another, you will have to make sure that the tube you want to move the ball to is either empty or that its last ball is the same color as the one you want to move. With these rules in mind, you will need to find the best way of separating the balls.

In Ball Sort Color Water Puzzle, you won’t have time to solve the levels, so you can let your imagination run free and try your luck. Pick up the colored balls and move them to where you think they should be until you manage to separate them correctly. If you don’t manage to progress or you get stuck, you can use a small help that will let you move more freely.

This incredibly fun game will get harder as you make your way through the levels. Sometimes you will need to face a large number of surprise tubes, and you won’t know what color is hidden in each ball until you unlock it. If you like logic games and you’re looking for a good game that will have you hooked for hours, Ball Sort Color Water Puzzle has a huge number of gradually changing levels that will put you to the test.

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