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AVG AntiVirus 2019 for Android is a protection tool that will raise a permanent shield to protect your device from security threats, which are becoming more and more common within the Android system.

The application, developed by AVG, takes advantage of AVG’s antivirus database and is loaded with features geared toward one objective: protecting your smartphone. Probably the most important aspect lies in its ability to protect your phone in real time.

Another useful tool you’ll find upon installation is a traditional analysis. As is typical of this kind of feature, you can choose if you want to do a quick or complete scan after weighing the advantages and inconveniences of each option.

Threats detected during the analysis can be eliminated or quarantined. Either way, and whatever the problem detected is,AVG AntiVirus 2019 for Android will alert you about what to do and what steps to take next.

Like with a computer analysis, you can limit the scan to individual applications that you suspect to be dangerous or contaminated.

In addition to its virus and malware protection features, the app also helps you find your device if you’ve misplaced it. The program works with Google Maps to help you find where you left the phone.

AVG AntiVirus 2019 for Android is, without a doubt, one of the best antivirus options out there for Android. It offers not just an enormous amount of useful, quality features but also boasts clear navigation and presentation to help you get the most out of the program.


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