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Avatoon is a great custom avatar creation app similar to Bitmoji and Zepeto. It allows users to re-create themselves or their friends and set up special emoticon packs for each occasion, as well as create Zepeto-style photo collages.

Avatoon’s operation is very simple: when you start the app, a neutral model appears. You choose if you want a male or female avatar and if you want to build the avatar yourself, or if you want it to be generated from a photograph. Then, you can edit skin color, face shape, hair type, eyes expression, nose shape and lip color and shape. Later, you access a wardrobe with clothes organized by theme and season. Once you picked out the wardrobe that most closely matches your own style, you can click on ‘accept’ and buy the clothes. Your budget is limited, but you can increase it by meeting goals and viewing ads.

Once you’ve got the look and style you want and you’ve accepted it, your personalised avatar will be featured in dozens of funny situations, related to different subjects, so that you can add a touch of self-expression to your WhatsApp and Telegram messages. Thus, you’ll encounter a category of emoticons saying good night, others saying good morning, others sending love messages and others simply starring in funny and strange situations. Similarly, you can add your avatar to pictures you already have or post it on a default background.

Avatoon is a very nice and fun app, perfect for creating the ultimate virtual self.


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