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Avatar: Pandora Rising is a strategy game that will plunge you into the Pandora universe, where you can fight in exciting battles between Na’vi and humans. Pick a side and plan your attacks carefully to leave the battlefield victorious.

Avatar: Pandora Rising has graphics that are similar to James Cameron’s movie, which immerse you in the storyline. There are even entertaining cutscenes that play before each level begins to explain the goals of the level.

Once a battle begins in Avatar: Pandora Rising, your mission is to tap and drag cards onto the scene. Depending on your strategy, you can unleash attacks in different areas of the battlefield. Play your cards right, and you’ll reduce your enemy’s life points and get rewards you can invest in upgrading every inch of Pandora.

On top of all that, you can even collect various characters from the movie, each one with unique attacks to try in battle. Check our Avatar: Pandora Rising and step into the world of the blockbuster film, dominate your enemies with a carefully planned strategy, and see if you can win every battle.


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