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Avatar Maker: Dogs is a fun avatar design app where you can create amazing avatars for dogs with easy-to-use templates.

When you start a new design in Avatar Maker: Dogs, you begin with a dog on a plain background. You can modify this template to your heart’s desire by changing the background, coat color, coat type, color saturation, snout design, ear shape, tail shape, paw shape, plus the size, shape, and color of eyes. You can also add a little magic! Basically, whatever you want to change, you can.

When you open the avatar creator, you’ll see tons of possibilities for altering every last detail of the dog in front of you. In the eye section, for example, you’ll find anime-style eyes, bright eyes, scars, bandages, and similar things in sections for the snout, ears, paws, and tail. You can also add magical elements to make your creation even more unique. When you’re done, you can save your avatar in one of the app’s save slots.

Avatar Maker: Dogs is the perfect app for creating tons of unique dog avatars in a quick, simple, and fun way.

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