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Audio Extractor is an excellent app thanks to which you can extract audio files from your videos and then do simple edits. If you’re looking for a tool to help you do these things in a quick and easy way, then this is the ideal app for you.

Audio Extractor has two very useful tools. The first lets you extract the audio from your videos. Just select the video you want to work with and extract the audio. It’s that simple! In a matter of seconds, you’ll be done.

Once you’ve extracted the audio, you can use the second tool. This one lets you trim the audio according to your needs. Just open the clip you recently extracted and select the part you want to cut. You can also do this with audio files you haven’t extracted, like songs and recordings.

Audio Extractor is definitely a recommended tool to extract the audio from your files in a quick, simple, and effective way, plus trim the file later. What more could you ask for?

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