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Astro Master is a marvelous app for astrology aficionados or anyone interested in studying Zodiac signs.

Astro Master divides its content into various sections, each one dedicated to a specific aspect of astrological studies. There’s a chiromancy section, where you can learn how to read palms and interpret their lines, as well as a section where you can learn about the different characteristics associated with each horoscope. Learn more about each sign’s love and friendship levels, as well as their instincts, way of thinking, ego and self-esteem, etcetera. You can even determine your own sign and receive advice about your day to day life. Lastly, the app has a compatibility section, with information about compatibility between the signs. Find out your compatibility with other people in a romantic, friendly, or professional relationship.

Astro Master is a a beautifully designed app with a plethora of astrological information.

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