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The entire area of Gaul is occupied by the Romans.. All of it? No! There’s still one tiny village where the unsinkable Gauls resist on clashing against the invaders. And, finally here’s the RTS where you’ll get to help them out in their fight.

Asterix & Friends is a video game where managing resources is the name of the game, just like in strategic classics like Travian where you’ll have to hoard your supplies as best as possible in order to construct buildings, improve your troops and interact with other players’ villages.

All the action within Asterix & Friends takes place in real-time and matches tend to last progressively longer which is why a major improvement or troop movement can take literally hours, so you’ll need to keep updated constantly in order to keep track of your advances so as to optimize your activity as much as possible.

Asterix & Friends isn’t terribly original when it comes to structure or even as a standalone title within this genre, but the cool thing here is that you’ll get to take charge of Asterix, Obelix, Panoramix and friends making for a specially sweet re-encounter for fans of this legendary comic strip saga by the great Goscinny and Uderzo.


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