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ASMR Slicing is a casual game where you’re in charge of slicing tons of objects with as much precision as you can. To do so, simply slide your finger across your smartphone’s screen to slice various materials into the required number of parts and rack up points.

Graphics in ASMR Slicing are in 3D. As you beat levels, you can get new knives and other tools to try out new methods of cutting. No matter what, you can always check the bar at the top of the screen to see how much work remains before you finish the level.

The objects that appear in ASMR Slicing are varied, but they’re all made out of materials that are satisfying to cut. You can cut as fast or as slow as you want, so long as you follow the other requirements given to you. On some levels, you may even find objects embedded inside the blocks.

With ASMR Slicing, you can relax by slicing up tons of objects made from various materials. Use various tools for different experiences, completing each challenge on your smartphone.


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